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The stepping
stone to efficient IVF practice

The stepping
stone to efficient IVF practice

Fertility Management Software

Fisart IVF is our highly intelligent premium fertility software that has transformed the way fertility centres function.
With advanced purpose-built features we have built a software that seamlessly connects departments across your fertility centre ensuring there is no duplication of work. The purpose built features also automates redundant tasks ensuring manpower is better utilized.
Our fertility centric module also ensures that there is superior quality control, efficient management of fertility assets, organized treatment planning and world class embryo management.  This in turn helps improve success rates, aids in understanding patterns and realizing effectiveness of certain protocols or medicines.
Coupled with our other software such as the hospital administration software and the Fisart Predictive Analysis – Fisart IVF will you the edge.

Hospital Administration Software

Patient experience is a key factor of the healthcare sector. Often times, this is compromised, or simply kept aside because of administrative pressure, manpower issues and so on.
With our Hospital Management Software, we have come with up solutions to the bottlenecks hospitals face when it comes to their day to day operations. Because at the end of the day, you can only start making your patients feel comfortable if you’re staff is comfortable.
From optimum inventory management to holistic pharmacy management, our software does it all. It helps your staff make decisions and work done faster. It empowers your staff to work within an organized framework with minimal supervision from you. And with redundant tasks, duplicate work, long drawn out approval procedures moved out of the way, your staff is rejuvenated and capable of giving your patients a remarkable experience. Your patients themselves can benefit directly even from some of the features of our software, making them realize you mean business when it comes to their care.

Fisart Predictive Analysis

Patterns, trends, leakages, outliers and so much more! Data analysis has become one of the foremost requirements of running a successful healthcare practice. It’s no longer enough to just have a renowned doctor. It’s important to learn from his/her treatment results, know what’s happening with the money being spent, the usage of inventory and so much more.
The scope of data is immense and with our highly intelligent predictive analysis software, you get the bigger picture broken down into workable data points. Our customisable smart dashboards helps you monitor your hospital daily without breaking a sweat. The notification mechanism ensures that you’re made aware if something is amiss and also when things are looking really green!
Not to mention success rates! Your treatment success rates can be greatly improved using our advanced analysis.

The Fisart App

The world is now in our hands, is it not? Anything you want is right there in your fingertips in the form of apps. We harnessed that power and have built an app that is going to revolutionize the way we look at health and our healthcare system.
For the common man
With various modules that help you better look after your health, it’s the perfect marriage of empathy and technology. Transfer your health records with just a click, track your periods/fertility window with ease, video consult with doctors across India and get access to health updates by renowned doctors.
For hospitals
The app complements our software suite perfectly and helps your patient get all hospital related updates and even enable them to access their records. It also helps hospital owners access and manage their hospital from anywhere in the world. And get instant access to reports and dashboards.
Get to know our software suite better!


Does Fisart IVF Save Time?

Almost anything that can be automated in the fertility treatment lifecycle is automated such as appointment booking, reminders, accessibility of reports by patients and so much more. So yes, Fisart IVF saves a lot of time and let’s your staff focus more on the patient.

How is Fisart IVF Useful for a Patient?

Patients no longer have to call or walk in to your centre to get reports or book appointments. Your patient is empowered with the Fisart App which allows access to records, prescriptions, appointment booking and so much more.

Is this is a Fertility Only Software?

Yes, Fisart IVF is a purpose-built premium fertility software. Fisart IVF is an efficient and highly intelligent software that connects seamlessly all departments and has the sole objective of increasing your efficiency. We also have standalone administration software that can function across specialties.

Do you Provide Training?

Yes, we have an extensive training program to help you get up to speed. Not that you require much training, it’s just too easy to use! We also have plenty of training videos tailor-made for each module.

Why do you call the Software Intuitive?

We have customizable predefined templates, dropdowns, pre-filled forms, and logic-oriented workflow that ensures you don’t have to waste time entering too much data.

What is Fisart Consult?

Fisart Consult is our very own video consultation platform that allows doctors to have a video consultation with new and existing patients from across the world. You can have your very own virtual consultation room.

Does Fisart have a Cryopreservation System?

Yes! Fisart cryopreservation system is inbuilt to manage cryo details and optional gadgets are available for monitoring the liquid nitrogen and locating specific embryo in the Dewar.

How does the Appointment Module Work?

You can pre-define slots of your doctors and everything else is taken care of. No double booking or booking on an off day is possible. All relevant stakeholders are immediately informed of the appointment.

How can Fisart IVF Improve Success Rates?

Improving your success rate depends on mistake-proofing, data analysis and 24/7 quality checks. Fisart IVF takes care of it all. It helps you understand your treatment outcomes and also ensures the process is strictly monitored based on guidelines set by you.

How does Fisart IVF help in Cutting Costs?

In numerous ways! With automation, man-hours are saved. With digitalization, there is no need for paper and with highly intelligent reporting, you get to see even see the smallest of revenue leaks. And of course, there are more ways!

What is Smart Pharmacy?

With Smart Pharmacy, there are no more paper prescriptions. The patient can just walk into your pharmacy, tell their file number and they can get their prescribed medicines. Also, Smart Pharmacy helps you maintain optimum inventory at all times.

Can Fisart IVF be Customized to Our Needs?

There are various facets that can be customized within our software to suit your needs. No worries!

How does Fisart IVF Benefit the Doctors?

To name a few – they get their schedule for the day delivered to their inbox first thing in the morning. They get reminders for their appointments. They have access to ALL patient files in a matter of clicks. They get detailed trend and pattern analysis across patients. There are so many more ways that a doctor can be benefitted by using Fisart IVF, call us to know more.

Is Couple and Donor Registration Available in Fisart?

Yes! Fisart enables you to register a couple details and use them for medical treatment individually.

Is Fisart only a Cloud Based Application?

No! Fisart is available offline as an enterprise edition. It can also be accessed via a secure VPN from external networks.

How Secure is Our Data?

Our cloud solution is bundled with 3 layer data security along with 2-factor authentication. Also, our software is designed with the concept of a “need to know” basis ensuring that data is only accessible when it’s truly required and only by pre-defined authorized users.

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