Fisart Predictive Analytics

Our customizable analytic software helps you understand your practice and shows your insights that can truly transform your practice.

With smart dashboards and efficient notification systems in place, take your practice to the next level.

Income Accounts Tracker

Keep a tab on your sources of income with our notification system that alerts you on irregular patterns. Know your strengths and areas of improvement with the help of our high-end analytics.

Subscription Analytics

Understand what’s been happening within your subscription. Accessible from anywhere, this enables you to keep track of what’s happening.

Expense Tracker

Penny saved is a penny earned. With our exhaustive expense tracker know what’s happening to your money. And with our multiple analytical options, gain insights into saving your hard-earned money.

Visual Analytics

Time is money. With Fisart, you don’t have to scan through lines of data to know what’s happening. Our highly intelligent visual analytics helps you understand what’s happening in just a glance.

Advanced KPIs

Align Fisart with your KPIs and be rest assured of it tracking it to the “t”. Fisart provides you a detailed understanding of where you’re at with your KPIs and help you reach your goals.

Tally Integration

This integration is so easy that we’re actually a bit embarrassed to call it a feature. Nevertheless, your finance team is going to love Fisart.