The Fisart App

Fisart App is a simple solution to complex problems. Healthcare shouldn’t be complex, and it shouldn’t be something so hard to get access to!

And with that motto we developed this app that does a lot more than change your lifestyle.

Fisart Consult

Consult with renowned doctors while sitting in the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world! No more excuses, the doctor is just a few minutes away.

Fisart Spot

You’re very own personal period and fertility window tracker. Understand your menstrual cycles better and your body better.

Fisart Connect

Done with your video consultation? Looking to meet the doctor in person? Well, just walk in and link your app to the hospital and all the data is synced. No repetition of work!

Fisart Explore

Keep your friends close, keep your referral partners closer! Fisart helps you calculate the ROI for each referral medium, thus ensuring you’re investing in the right place.

Fisart App for Doctors

Manage your day with ease with our Fisart App for Doctors. Scheduling, Reminders, Video Consultations and so much more!

Fisart App for Hospitals

Running a hospital made simple and effective. Our Fisart App hospitals ensures that hospital owners can sit back and monitor their hospitals with just a few taps!